Project - Capitan Faggotron Saves The Universe
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Genre: Comedy/Live Action

Status: Post Production

Writer: Harvey Rabbit

Director: Harvey Rabbit


A low budget, campy fantasy feature film about internalized homophobia, the tyranny of the closet and fear of a gay planet, “Captain Faggotron Saves the Universe” is a direct and absurd response to the 2016 shooting in Orlando, Florida, the persecution of homosexuality in Chechnya, Russia, the election of President Donald Trump in the USA and the violence that unfortunately follows gay and queer people of all genders throughout our lives.

The campy world of “Captain Faggotron Saves the Universe” follows a tradition deeply rooted in gay/queer history and our ability to survive. Confronting “straight” and heteronormative structures, camp exposes absurdities of the mainstream in a way that allows us to laugh. Humor is a weapon, and camp is a tool of joyful resistance. 

Production phase was completed in 2020 on the extremely limited budget of 6,000€. We are now in the final stages of post-production and still need some financial help to complete these last steps. 

We expect to premiere our film in the 2023 Panorama Section of the Berlin International Film Festival, where we are confident that we will find a distributor.