Captain Faggotron - Captain Faggotron Saves The Universe
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Captain Faggottron

Once a homophobic and misogynistic advertising executive, Captain Faggotron was created when a distracted doctor accidentally gave him a transfusion of queer blood. Captain Faggotron is ferociously femme and always outspoken. His superpower is existing in a world that thinks he shouldn’t. His unlikely friendship with Father Gaylord is put to a test when Father Gaylord enlists his help in trying to prevent a queer takeover of planet earth by a humanoid alien named Queen Bitch. But the temptation of both Queen Bitch and a queer planet are great. Captain Faggotron double-crosses Father Gaylord, helping to turn the world gay and dying an orgiastic death in the process.

Tchivett | They, Them

A performer, dancer and a queer artist. They have created five solo dance performances and have toured throughout Europe in art spaces as well as on alternative and/or queer scenes. 

They have also contributed to various dance research and performance collectives (Danses bizarres, CORPOL, Collective matters, etc.) with a focus on queer culture, feminist politics and self-organization.
They completed the Choreography masters at HZT-berlin in 2018 and developed their own practice as a dance maker, in connection with their deep-rooted artistic interests for performance, visual arts and sculpture.
Among others they have performed in re-enactments of Hanna Halprin and Marina Abramovic, danced in choreographic pieces by Atsushi Takenouchi and Annabel Guérédrat, and worked in Berlin with Shannon Cooney, Jolika Südermann and Josep Caballero.
And In the meantime they made queer zombie post porn movies and taught fem-positive & body-positive lapdance workshops.