Father Gaylord - Captain Faggotron Saves The Universe
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father gaylord

Father Gaylord

Father Gaylord, a young Catholic priest, ran away to the clergy in order to cure himself of being gay. He is continually tormented by thoughts of his ex-lover, Queen Bitch, a genderless humanoid. Father Gaylord fears his own homosexuality so much that he feels he must prevent Queen Bitch from turning the world gay and enlists the reluctant help of his unlikely friend, Captain Faggotron, who feels somewhat indebted to him after being rescued from a Nazi attack a year earlier.

Rodrigo Garcia Alves | He, Him

A Brazilian Choreographer, Performance Artist, and Curator based in Berlin. Alves holds a Master degree in Solo Dance Authorship from the University of Arts Berlin (UdK) and a Bachelor degree in Directing Theater from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Since 2005 he explored the concept of creative translation (transcreation*), queer affects, and collage as a choreographic method. 
He created Studio Disorder in 2013 as a platform for performing and visual arts.
Since 2016 he has an ongoing engagement with an artistic residency at Tanzhaus Düsseldorf.